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Interesting bike racks

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car shaped bike rack
Above: Bike rack that is shaped like a car, and is placed on the curb between other parked cars. It allows 6 or so bikes to park in the same space normally taken up by one car.

car shaped bike rack
Above: The car-shaped bike rack between two parked cars. It “shows that bicycle related ’street furniture’ can be fun and functional.” (via cycling edinburgh, photo & design Adrien Rovero).

bike rack with pump
Above: This combination bike rack and pump, Heklucht, was designed by the Dutch design studio Himom. This is probably the most useful bike rack I have seen (although a bit pricey). (via Cycling Edinburgh, photo Himom).

bike rack shaped like a bull
Above: Bike rack in front of the Durham Bulls Athletic Park, shaped like a bull with a red head. There is a similar one at the Farmers Market. (photo Durham Bike Racks).

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Downtown Needs Bike Racks | Lakeland Local
Posted on August 26th, 2009

[…] There are simple solutions from adding an unobtrusive ring to a few parking meters to replacing parking spaces with bike racks to simply installing a rack in a parking spot. […]

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